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Diversity in Children's Literature

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1.5 hour asynchronous training Reading has long been recognized as a crucial milestone in a child's development, with emphasis placed on the benefits of caregivers reading to very young children. Children who are exposed to a great range of literature are more likely to have higher vocabularies in their native languages, and tend to view reading as a positive past-time. What role does diversity play in that enrichment? Literature has an impact on a child's view of the world and of themselves, and the characters and voices featured become part of child's narratives of belonging, acceptance, and affirmation. This asynchronous training will discuss the role and importance of diversity in children's literature. This educational experience is perfect for parents, educators, librarians, and anyone who works with children ranging from pre-school aged through elementary school aged children. Participants will: Identify why it matters that children’s literature be diverse Articulate some of the core principles of multiculturalism in children’s literature Gain access to resources that will help guide your own use of these books moving forward Created and Facilitated by Alison Westermann



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