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This page formerly housed just landing page for our asynchronous LGBTQ+ Allyship and You training, but now we've transformed it into a hub for all things LGBTQ+ Allyship. On this page you'll find information about our training opportunities that are centered around the LGBTQ+ community, our LGBTQ+ Allyship and You Supplemental Booklet, as well as easy to access learning tools and resources, and suggestions for other amazing organizations and educators that can help you further your learning. Some of these items are available now, and others are coming soon! We'll be continuing to create and add new content for you as we prepare for 2022! 
Thank you for your commitment to learning and for choosing DRIEP as your partner in allyship!


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CEUs Available

Created and Facilitated by
Ashley Heidebrecht, LMSW

In society, we operate with a set of social norms and expectations. In many ways it feels comfortable to go along with them. When you think about gender, sex, and sexual orientation, your perception of those words, and what you associate them with, is impacted by those social norms and expectations. But, how were those norms and expectations created? And, by whom, and why? What happens when your very existence, who you are, is not within those norms and expectations? If you’re willing to take an honest look, it’s not difficult to see the impact. This training will explore these questions and more, and their impact on the LGBTQ+ community. 


You’ll learn about the creation of ideals and beliefs surrounding sexual orientation, sex, and gender, the use of narratives to create and reinforce bias and their impact, community culture, personal identity, and you’ll build knowledge and awareness to become a strong ally.



CEUs Available

Created and Facilitated by
Ashley Heidebrecht, LMSW

We have been taught that there are two genders: male and female, and that there are physical and behavioral characteristics which normatively belong to each group. But is that true? How does society's views surrounding gender impact impact us? 


This one-hour webinar will explore the idea of gender as a social construct, and will discuss the ways in which it informs our perception and interaction with clients and communities.

Resources and Tools for Further Learning


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