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Racial Inequalities in Healthcare Part 2

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We are often unaware of the history behind our perceptions of each other that are both conscious and unconscious thoughts. Many of these ideas and preconceptions are informal knowledge that originate from white supremacist ideology. White supremacist ideology has gone through a long historical process many people are not aware of. These ideas have a strong influence on how we think about healthcare, disease, and each other. Part 2 of Racial Inequalities in Healthcare will focus on the impact of narratives and public policy on health, specifically related to drugs, immigration, and COVID-19. 5.5 Continuing Education hours available. Objectives: • Identify the relationship between social narratives surrounding race and public policy/laws, specifically related to drug use • Discuss racial disparities in drug treatment and criminalization • Learn about narratives and propaganda surrounding public health and immigration • Examine the impact of immigration policy on health and safety of migrant children in detention • Discuss racial disparities related to COVID-19 Trigger Warning- This course discusses abuse and sexual violence Presented by; Diana Martinez, MA



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