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Cause Advocacy for Social Workers

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1.5 CE hours Created by: Rocio Reyes and Ashley Heidebrecht, LMSW Facilitated by: Ashley Heidebrecht, LMSW Social workers are on the front lines when it comes to facing the impact of social injustice, however we often leave our higher education without a firm grasp on how to advocate on a systemic level. This may cause us to take a back seat when it comes to speaking up against the constant deluge of harmful legislation, community crisis, and abusive acts which perpetuate social injustice. We also may feel unprepared to advocate for the values of our profession. Cause advocacy requires social workers to collaborate and take action on a macro level. Engaging with social work theoretical frameworks and advocacy models can help us to be confident and effective in our advocacy. Join this 1.5 hour 1.5 CE hour asynchronous training to engage with the principles of cause advocacy, focusing on the perspective of social justice, and developing your own statement of opposition to this proposed change which you can send We use our education platform as a protest, and we hope you will join us. ​Attendees will be able to: · Identify the ethical responsibility for social workers to advocacy against the systems of classism, white supremacy, sexism, and ableism · Discuss the importance of allyship within the social work profession · Examine and apply the social work advocacy practice and policy model, which will be used to develop an advocacy letter.



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