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PATHS: Training on HIV Stigma for Providers

  • 45Days
  • 27Steps
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Funded by Gilead COMPASS and Southern AIDS Coalition and free of charge. 3 CE hours available! PATHS (Providers Accessing Training on HIV Stigma), is a 3 hour asynchronous training designed to help mental health providers, social workers, peer group facilitators, therapists, and counselors in the Southern United States understand and address the impact that stigma and bias have on people living with HIV while accessing mental health care and social services. For over a decade, the South has been experiencing disproportionately higher rates of HIV compared to the rest of the United States. Communities of color in the South are also often left out of the discussion. By focusing this project on the Southern states, we aim to elevate those voices and address the challenges of intersectionality and compounding bias and stigma. Don't live in a Southern state? Participate anyway! You'll gain valuable insights and perspectives. Participants will be able to: Define key terms and concepts which are central to understanding HIV stigma Identify how stigma manifests in words and in practice Explain the concept of intersectionality and the unique application to people living with HIV in the South Analyze and discuss the impact of stigma on people living with HIV and HIV prevention efforts Examine personal bias and the impact on service providers Articulate best practices for providing mental health services to people living with HIV

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