Created and Facilitated by Vic Doster, LMSW


Karissa Doster-Hoffman, LCSW, LCDC


Vic Doster, LMSW

Karissa Doster-Hoffman, LCSW, LCDC

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Course Schedule

Topics may be modified based on the needs of Committed Learners


Unit 1: So You Committed... (5 CEUs)

Begins April 25, 2021

Unit 1 Learning Objectives:

  • Participates will learn the history of the term BIPOC and gain insight into the relevance of Blackness within the United States

  • Participants will understand the concept of intersectionality as it pertains to Blackness and gender

  • Participants will understand the causes and effects of the barriers faced by the BIPOC community regarding access to and acceptance of mental health services


Unit 2: May the Truth Be With You (5 CEUs)

Begins June 27, 2021

Unit 2 Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will apply critical thinking skills to observe their own privileges and biases

  • Participants will learn about individuals whose impact on Black culture was skewed, distorted and erased by whiteness and privilege

  • Participates will understand the following terms: racism, prejudice, “reverse racism”, privilege and their correct usages


Unit 3: Sounds Queer...I’m In! (5 CEUs)

Begins August 29, 2021

Unit 3 Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will gain insight into Black Queerness and its history

  • Participants will understand the intersection of being Black and Queer and the internal and external impact

  • Participants will gain knowledge on how to become more inclusive of the Black LGBTQ+ population along with appropriate ways to immerse themselves into the culture


Unit 4: “Law and Order” (5 CEUs)

Begins October 24, 2021

Unit 4 Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn about Jim Crow Laws and will be able to identify examples of how these laws still are relevant today

  • Participants will understand modern day oppression and the impact it has on basic rights

  • Participants will be able to identify ways in which they can empower their local Black communities


Unit 5: Education- A History of Shaping the Future with the Past (5 CEUs)

Begins December 19, 2021

Unit 5 Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will understand how common disparities impact Black children and their access to education and fair treatment within school systems

  • Participants will learn be able to identify at least 3 disparities

  • Participants will learn strategies to engage their local school officials in conversations about inclusive education


Unit 6: Blackness and Culture- Our Amplification (5 CEUs)

Begins February 1, 2022

Unit 6 Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will learn about the history of Black culture and how it is relevant today

  • Participants will be able to define microaggressions and learn how they occur in our everyday lives

  • Participants will learn what cultural appropriation is and how it impacts Black culture