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with Ashley Heidebrecht

The Radical Social Worker

In this video, I will be talking about something we do every day: Breathing! In this time where so much seems to be out of our control, sometimes just taking a moment to focus on, and control your breath can be empowering. The exercise we will be talking about in this video is simple, and can be used by anyone, young or old, anytime, anywhere.

In this episode of Self-Care Sunday, we'll be talking about comparative suffering. There is a lot of stress and discomfort all around us right now, and comparing suffering isn't a healthy response. This video will also include some personal disclosure about my own mental health and experiences surrounding comparative suffering.

* There are some dramatic lighting changes in this video due to a storm that blew through.

Let's be real. A lot of us go to work when we're sick. There are a lot of reasons we do it, and for social service professionals there are some unique pressures that encourage us to do so. In this episode of Self-Care Sundays we'll be talking about what makes us go to work when we're sick.

This video focuses on communication boundaries. When you get home from work, does your work day actually end? Are you letting yourself have a break?

The first video in our Self-Care Sundays series! This video focuses on self-care basics and ways you can start to take small steps toward improving your self-care at work.

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