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Deaf Sensitivity and Cultural Competency for Providers

Training Dates: 

Registration for free training for El Paso Providers has ended! We will resume the Deaf Sensitivity and Cultural Competency webinar in February, 2022!

Registration will open for February soon!

If you registered between 10/4 and 10/13, you will receive an email to select your choice of $20 credit toward DRIEP trainings, or a $20 gift card from Savage Goods!

Free training for El Paso providers was made possible by:

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What would you do if a Deaf individual called or came into your office ?

Would you or your office support staff know what to do? Would you tell that individual your office doesn't have interpreter access? Would you tell that individual to bring a hearing friend or relative to interpret for them? Would you expect that individual to read your lips to communicate with you, or write notes back and forth for the duration of their appointment? Or, would this person in need end up on a months long waitlist because ensuring accessibility is low on the priority list? 


These barriers to mental health care are just a few of the many experienced by the Deaf population.

As a Gallaudet study noted in 2011, “About 2 to 4 of every 1,000 people in the United States are ‘functionally deaf,’”.  This means that there are approximately 1500 “functionally Deaf” individuals in El Paso County. By providing this training to more mental health professionals, we’ll be able to expand access to vital mental health services outward to Deaf individuals, who often experience adverse health conditions at greater rates than their hearing peers, even when adjusted for other factors like age, income levels, education and other cultural factors.  


This 3-hour Live Webinar Deaf Sensitivity and Cultural Competency Training will address the gaps in training and knowledge for mental health professionals by giving them access to appropriate tools and resources to serve this population. When mental health providers and their staff feel competent to handle the specific needs of any client who walks through their doors, they will provide better service to those individuals. This training will reduce potential bias against Deaf clients and reducing that stigma will make it easier for Deaf clients to access the services that they need. Deaf clients will be reassured to see certificates of training completion, which will demonstrate the provider’s commitment to universal access.


Participants will:

  1. Acquire knowledge of the American Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.

  2. Learn the skills necessary to work along-side a professional signed language interpreter.

  3. Learn several techniques that can be applied when working with the Deaf population.

Training Facilitated by:

Jennifer Dahlgren- This training is facilitated in ASL with Interpreters.

Jennifer Dahlgren is an Assistant Professor at El Paso Community College in the Sign Language and Interpreter Preparation Program.  Jennifer, a member of the El Paso/Las Cruces area Deaf community, has worked in the field of communication access, education, and advocacy for more than 15 years with a passion for the empowerment that comes through communication.  She has trained countless service providers and students in the medical, legal, educational, social services and business fields.  She has presented both nationally and internationally to audiences large and small. Advocating for the communication access rights for persons who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing/DeafBlind and DeafDisabled so that they can function independently and equitably in society.  Additionally, Jennifer advocates for the intersectional needs of the LGBTQ communities.  Education is the key to access and equality.  By educating service providers, students and leaders about the rights and needs of minority communities, we make the world a more equitable place.

Re-Opening Soon!

Disrupting Abusive Structures in Non-Profit Culture: Part 2 Taking Action

There is no doubt the work that is done in the non-profit sector is important and impactful, but it is not without its problems. As is true for every institution, the non-profit sector is not immune to the systems of white supremacy, sexism, ableism, and classism. 


The unfortunate truth is that the culture surrounding and within non-profits often reinforces the very systems which employees and volunteers are working to break through. This interactive live webinar will examine several nonprofit structural/cultural issues and through breakout sessions will offer participants space and guidance to process and problem solve, leaving them better prepared to address similar issues in their own organizations. 


More Information and Registration Coming Soon!