Please consult this page for any questions or issues regarding the Diversity in Children's Literature training.

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**NOTICE: Your workplace, agency, or University email may have settings that will delay your receipt of the email with your access information**
**NOTICE: Please allow 24 hours for receipt of your access email, and check your Spam and Junk mail before contacting for assistance**
How do I access the training?
You should have received an access email with all of the information you need. You may also access the training on the same page your registered for it: By hovering over "Community Education" in our website menu, and then clicking "Webinars" from the drop down menu. Then, in the section for "Diversity in Children's Literature" you may click the button for the module you want to access, and sign in with the password provided in your access email.  
I did not receive an email with access information.
If you have completed your registration but did not receive an email confirming your registration and providing your access code:
1. Check your Spam and Junk Mail folder.
2. If the email is not in your Inbox, Spam, or Junk Mail, wait one-hour. We are experiencing a high volume of registrations, and there may be a slight delay in receiving your email.
3. If you have waited one hour and have still not received the email in your Inbox, Spam, or Junk Mail, your Spam/Junk filters may be the problem. If you are using a work or University email their filtering may be the problem.
4. If you have exhausted all other options, please contact driep.help@gmail.com
Will I receive a certificate?
You will receive a certificate of completion via email once you have completed the exit survey.
Make sure to check your Spam and Junk Mail folders if your certificate does not appear in your Inbox. 
*Make sure you type your email address correctly on the Exit Survey, the certificate is automated and will be delivered to the email address you enter in the Exit Survey*
If you do not receive your certificate within 24 hours, or if any information on your certificate is incorrect, please contact driep.help@gmail.com
Is this training accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons?
All of the videos in this training are pre-recorded and captioned in English, or are YouTube content with captions. This training also contains handouts and written text, as well as quizzes/journal entries that can be used to engage with the facilitator. If you encounter accessibility issues or need additional assistance or accommodations with accessibility, contact driep.help@gmail.com
How is this training formatted?
This training is a self-paced training with 3 modules. Each module contains approximately 20-35 minutes of content, with additional time required for readings. You may start the training beginning July 6th at any time after you receive the email with your access information. Registration ends July 31st, and participants will have access until 11:59 pm on August 2nd. This training contains pre-recorded captioned videos, YouTube content, written text, and handouts. Additionally, each module contains a required quiz or journal entry. Each module has its own password, which is shared with you in your access email.  Please keep these passwords accessible so that you may exit and re-enter the training as you need to.  If you exit a training module and re-enter later, you do not need to repeat any of the content you have already completed; just simply scroll down the module page to where you left off previously.
The registration form will not submit.
If you are attempting to register and the form will not submit:
1. Make sure all fields are completed in the registration form. If a section does not apply to you, enter n/a
2. If all fields are completed and the form will not submit, please exit the website and then re-enter and try again. We are experiencing a high volume of people registering, and sometimes this creates glitches.
3. If you have completed all fields, refreshed or re-entered the website, have checked your browser, and the form will still not submit, please contact driep.help@gmail.com
I don't have the password for a training module.
The passwords for all three training modules are included in your access email. Please keep these passwords accessible to you as you move through the training.  If you have lost your access email and cannot find the passwords, please contact driep.help@gmail.com
My quiz/journal entry won't submit.
We have a high volume of participants. If too many people submit a form at the same time, it can cause an error message or failure to submit.
1. Make sure you have all fields completed in the quiz/journal entry form.
2. If all fields are completed and the form will still not submit, exit the module, re-enter the module with your password, then scroll down to the quiz/journal entry, and make another attempt, then click submit. 
3. If the form will still not submit, please contact driep.help@gmail.com
Please utilize this FAQ page. For all other inquires, please contact driep.help@gmail.com